First thing we need to know is what we are doing for you, plaster or renovation? For renovations stop here and click the CONTACT tab at the top of your screen. For plastering you need to read through these steps first. You will be directed to our active calendar where you will select your requested plaster date. This calendar is set up for you to easily navigate and submit the information we need to plan and schedule your pool plaster. 

We will need your information as well as the pool builder information along with your selected plaster finish. We have many finishes available that you will see in the request form with a photo of each finish sample for reference and confirmation that you will receive the correct material. Please make sure you read the selection very carefully and choose the correct finish.

You will receive an email verification letting you know that we received your request and will provide a link for you to upload your plansProvide us with as many photos, plans, drawings, measurements, and any pertinent information regarding your project. This can be the most important information for setting up your plaster day.  

It is now time to Request Plaster. Please remember the more information you can provide to us, the easier and faster we can get you Plastered!